Thursday, April 23, 2009

The uni-chin days...

While Billy, Vicki, and Danielle were here they took me running. I've been doing pretty good ever since. Mostly going two times a week and trying not to get below that. Today I dug into the closet to find some inspirational photos to rejuvenate my enthusiasm, and came across a few that I just had to post. The picture of me and Tom at the beach was taken when Tom, Mary, Dad and I took a trip to visit Bobby in San Fransisco. This was only a few days after my accident at the movie theater in the gray cavalier, and while my body was still catching up with my head. The picture of Tom, Julie and I was taken in Colorado Springs pre-Cheryl. Cheryl, I'm not sure if Tom's belly was around when you started dating, or if this is evidence that you were his Homer. Okay... I'm going to go do some running now. Love, Michael

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Gracious Good Evening!

Hello everyone! I've joined the Blog at last. Billy...I don't think there's enough room in your RV for the guilt trip luggage you're going to have to carry! If you do get the job, you simply say, "By the way, I have a prior committment that I must attend." I really don't understand yours and Vicki's hurry to get up to Idaho anyway - it all sounds like a race against time or something. But that's just me...wondering...Anyway, whatever you have to do you have to do and I wish you the best in the race to Idaho. Meanwhile, I'll need your measurements for a tux by May 2nd - we're ordering them on May 3. Mom - Mark wonders how the heck you remembered all the info about that picture of you in the babooshka (Mike you say the spell check works?). He thought it was very interesting. Tom, this is your answer to Facebook - but we don't need to have anyone blog on here that they're about to go fold socks or take out the trash! Goodnight All! Love, Mary (Sithren)

Monday, April 20, 2009

'Tis the Season

Billy reminded us of Bobby and Nikki's Anniversary. Happy Number 13!! But wait, there's more!!
  • Billy and Vikki celebrated their 2nd Anniversary on March 30.
  • Zachary celebrates his 2nd Birthday on April 24.
  • Mother's Birthday is April 28. Our Matriarch finally reaches Number 50. Wow!
  • Nicole celebrates her uhhhhh...oh yes, 23rd birthday on April 28.

I know I'm missing something here.....another Anniversary, or something?

Hi everyone, especially Michael,
I just found this picture of me wearing a "babushka"
which I tried to explain to Michael. A babushka is a Russian name for Grandmother, and also a scarf folded into a triangle and worn over the head. Dad said in his days it was called a "bandana". This picture was taken on 9 February 1948, my Senior year. The large book is my Latin book that I took home every day. We translated Cicero this year, and I didn't use a "pony". The coat is a hand down from my sister Catherine, I think I wore it every winter for about 3 years. The boots were a must in the winter, worn with our shoes inside. We lived on 18 Franklin Street, and I was standing in the field where we used to play base ball in the summer. The field was adjacent to our house.
Just a bit of history.
Love, Mom


Hey everybody, I just wanted to wish Bobby and Nikki a Happy Anniversary. I hope you guys had a chance to get together and enjoy your day. We're also thinking of little brother John today too. I believe this is the day he left us oh so long ago. Love to all, Billy