Friday, May 01, 2009


I'm in a position now that I never wanted to be in. Mary, I won't be making it to the wedding. I'm sorry. I've been offered the job in Idaho, and it comes with a substantial raise in pay and training, and they want me up there before the end of May. Vicki and I will be leaving to move my stuff and the RV up there on the 17th. I've been looking forward to celebrating with you and seeing all our cousins and spending time with the family, and I've made every effort in the past few years to get to Phoenix as often as possible, but this is unavoidable if I want to keep this job; an opportunity I don't think would crop up again. I've been very stressed about this, and not sleeping good, and I'm sick at heart that I won't be able to be there, but it's something I have to do and I hope everybody understands. Love Billy

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

John David Jones

Mary, I got a big chuckle when I read Tom's opening post. I was going to call you to suggest your google name but you were way ahead of me (as usual). I had a real guffaw when I saw your first post and google name. Beautiful. At least in coining the word he didn't come up with "Sistern". Tom has suggested that we should have a page of pictures from John's life. We will do some research and get one up for Susan also. Here it is. Oops!! It appears that there are certain problems in trying to post pictures where you want and in the correct order. I will work on that and post John David later.

Monday, April 27, 2009

This is meant to be a "general" post.  I'm interested to see where it will appear.  You told me, Tom,  you had a setup for a "general" category.  I looked all over for it, had to click on older posts two or three times and finally found it at the bottom of your first post.  Let me suggest that if you want the "general" category to be used it should always be accessible from the top of the blog.   Thanks for setting this up.  I hope everybody uses it.  

What a Month it Was.....

April was quite busy for the Jones Family. Let me bore you with the details:
CLASS TRIP TO THE WILD LIFE PARK Josh's class took a trip to the World Wildlife Zoo on April 3. I volunteered as a chaperone, watching three kids. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. The kids had a great time until they had to load up and leave... EASTER The kids decorated eggs the day before Easter, but Zachary was just a tad too rough, throwing the eggs into the bowls. Many eggs were cracked...
On Easter Sunday, the kids searched for eggs in their Sunday best....afterwards, we all met at Le Chateau Jones for a nice dinner with the family. Zachary thoroughly impressed Grandpa Jones with his mechanical skills...
GIRLS GONE WILD My lovely wife, her wondrous Mother and sweet sister Sherrie left their significant others to participate in the hedonous lifestyle of Las Vegas. I asked what they did, and they told me, "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas." Danny and I will plot revenge when we get around to it. Afterall, as fathers and working men, we never have no time for fun, much less planning for fun. Why do you think women live longer than men? Oh yes, they were pleased to have seen high profile gamblers like Howard Lederer, Annie Duke, and the Jesus guy. They also saw Chris Noth, the poor guy who prostituted himself on Sex and the City.
ZACHARY'S BIRTHDAY Zachary turned two on Friday, but we celebrated Sunday. After a long day of cleaning the house Saturday in preparation for the Sunday Blast, I told Cheryl we were good on housecleaning until Thanksgiving...We had a wonderful showing of The Jones', Sipes, Schmedakes, Websters, uhhhhh.....and some others. Thanks to all who attended.