Saturday, May 30, 2009

Julie's in the Movies

You can check out Julie in the 'Maneater' mini-series on Lifetime starting Saturday evening at 9pm PST and finishing up on Sunday. You can already see her in a few scenes at Lifetime videos. Find the "Movie Extras (6)" and scroll to the sixth one titled, "Anatomy of a Scene". Here's some clips:
Here, Julie so naturally expresses terror that she may be injured in a fight, and that it's all a close-up vs. wide angle with background.
Let's hope the director is only going between two cameras with this scene. If so, we got a freeze frame for our living room baby!

Friday, May 29, 2009

If you are not liking this, stop me...ill keep tweeking for now. But like I said ive got it backed up so we can put up the old template again.
Tom. Uhh... I didn't read your last post before I started :( . However I did back up the old layout and template. So I can make it go back to how it was.
I wanted to find a template that was still parchment, but was more intricate, so that the entire blog would not just be one scrolling column. If you like this template, it gives us a lot more control. And once I have added back all of your controls and tools, I think it will look very nice and sophisticated.
Oh, and I was just kidding about the poor blogging... : ) , and I don't want to admin, just change the looks of it is all.

Thursday, May 28, 2009


Natalie playing with bubbles. Isn't she precious?

Request for responce

Hey All,
If you haven't clicked through the links tom put up yet, one of them is my bog. I have a religious post (not a debate though) that I would like some feedback on. Especially from Grampa, Mary, and everyone else that is well grounded in a strong faith. If that's not you respond though as well, it will let me know how crazy I sound ; )

What up?

Tom, you are a terrible blogger ;) . Blogging takes a commitment, you have to read all the entries or the blog will fail and no one will engage in convos and stuff. Well, whenever you read your own blog, we can get it fixed. I don't think the "new post" button is setup right... and its not very easy to see. Ill get it looking good though, just takes some tweaking.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Ahh... Never Mind

I didn't look hard enough. Its easy. Just open up your bloger dashboard ( Click on settings next to the family cronicals blog, click on the permissions navigation link (at the top, to the far right), and under blog authors find Eric and Alana, to the right click grant admin privlages. Thats all, I can change it at this point.

Getting Pretty Messy...

Alright Tom, its time to get this Blog under control. I looked around and found no option to allow someone administrative control from blogger. However, I noticed that you do not use gmail, or other google services, so its no issue at all to let me log in as you for a day as I edit you CSS layout and tidy this blog up a little so that it has a more logical navigation scheme and such. SO... My suggestion is that you go ahead and change your google password for the account associated with this blog. Just change it to something like P@$$W0RD , or @DM!N!$TR@T0R. Then let me know what it is. After I am done making my changes, Ill have you log in and change it back to the original password.