Saturday, September 26, 2009

From the Corn Fields of Nebraska

Well, Auburn Nebraska, let me tell you about the place.......the end. Did you catch that??! Anyway, while I am waiting on my sattelite dish to come in, Monday, 9/21, I managed to find a KENO bar here in town. Tucked nicely away behind a restaurant. I find my way to the bar, ask for a menu, and politely ask the bartender," Will the game be on Television tonight?" She innocently responded, "Game, what game?" I enthusiastically replied "MONDAY Night Footbal!!". Wel, we finally found the channel, I ordered a meal, had a few beers, spent $10 on KENO, didn't win anything, went home at halftime. Not much of a MNF atmosphere here in town.

This week was frustrating, I had to make all the calls, and actions to get my quals on the national register for RP techs, but it got done. Start Nightshift tonight, 9/26/09. I have Wednesday night scheduled off, but after 10/1 have the option of working straight through if I desire. Will see how I feel come day off time.

Anyway, Corol seems to be doing well. We talk twice a day. She is also on Nightshift, so she calls me in the morning, and I will call her in the afternoon. Hopefully she is getting her "space" thing worked out. I was doing my pre-planning for my Jan-May work schedule, and decided that the potentials of work through the end of March will cause me to park/store my trailer for the winter (Clinton, Ill Jan-Feb and Toledo, OH Feb thru March). Then, I plan on working AR and MS through May.

Anyway, I have tenants in my house through Thanksgiving, early into Dec. So, I will probably spend a couple days in Hot Springs, AR before I head home, or in Vicksburg, MS (whereever I decide to store my trailer).

My prayers are for Mom today!! Love you, Mama!!!

All for now

Love, Joe