Saturday, September 26, 2009

From the Corn Fields of Nebraska

Well, Auburn Nebraska, let me tell you about the place.......the end. Did you catch that??! Anyway, while I am waiting on my sattelite dish to come in, Monday, 9/21, I managed to find a KENO bar here in town. Tucked nicely away behind a restaurant. I find my way to the bar, ask for a menu, and politely ask the bartender," Will the game be on Television tonight?" She innocently responded, "Game, what game?" I enthusiastically replied "MONDAY Night Footbal!!". Wel, we finally found the channel, I ordered a meal, had a few beers, spent $10 on KENO, didn't win anything, went home at halftime. Not much of a MNF atmosphere here in town.

This week was frustrating, I had to make all the calls, and actions to get my quals on the national register for RP techs, but it got done. Start Nightshift tonight, 9/26/09. I have Wednesday night scheduled off, but after 10/1 have the option of working straight through if I desire. Will see how I feel come day off time.

Anyway, Corol seems to be doing well. We talk twice a day. She is also on Nightshift, so she calls me in the morning, and I will call her in the afternoon. Hopefully she is getting her "space" thing worked out. I was doing my pre-planning for my Jan-May work schedule, and decided that the potentials of work through the end of March will cause me to park/store my trailer for the winter (Clinton, Ill Jan-Feb and Toledo, OH Feb thru March). Then, I plan on working AR and MS through May.

Anyway, I have tenants in my house through Thanksgiving, early into Dec. So, I will probably spend a couple days in Hot Springs, AR before I head home, or in Vicksburg, MS (whereever I decide to store my trailer).

My prayers are for Mom today!! Love you, Mama!!!

All for now

Love, Joe


Arizona Jones said...

Good to hear, brother Joe. Looking forward to seeing you in December.