Sunday, October 18, 2009

New House in Idaho

So our closing date has been pushed back to October 30th, but there doesn't appear to be any other problems. It turns out we had to resolve the issue with the existing mortgate in Colorado Springs, either by renting or by selling it. We finally had an offer on the house there in the Springs and accepted it. The closing date on the house in Colorado Springs is on the 29th. We were severely underbid and have to come to the closing table with an obscene amount of money, but at least we're out from under it and can continue with the closing process here in Idaho. Mary suggested I post some pics of our new house. Here they are.


Sisthren Jones said...

Thanks for the pictures Billy - looks great! I must succomb and give you the bragging rights on the work shop. WOWZERS! Really cool that you can park the RV in there...if it's going to stay in there. The 30th will be here in no time!