Saturday, May 30, 2009

Julie's in the Movies

You can check out Julie in the 'Maneater' mini-series on Lifetime starting Saturday evening at 9pm PST and finishing up on Sunday. You can already see her in a few scenes at Lifetime videos. Find the "Movie Extras (6)" and scroll to the sixth one titled, "Anatomy of a Scene". Here's some clips:
Here, Julie so naturally expresses terror that she may be injured in a fight, and that it's all a close-up vs. wide angle with background.
Let's hope the director is only going between two cameras with this scene. If so, we got a freeze frame for our living room baby!


Clare Jones said...

Thanks for posting these pictures Mike. We watched the movie and I remembered the scene. I said to Dad (on the 2nd. night) quick, watch this and look on the left. Well he missed it but I did see Julie for a few seconds.
Love, Mom