Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Gracious Good Evening!

Hello everyone! I've joined the Blog at last. Billy...I don't think there's enough room in your RV for the guilt trip luggage you're going to have to carry! If you do get the job, you simply say, "By the way, I have a prior committment that I must attend." I really don't understand yours and Vicki's hurry to get up to Idaho anyway - it all sounds like a race against time or something. But that's just me...wondering...Anyway, whatever you have to do you have to do and I wish you the best in the race to Idaho. Meanwhile, I'll need your measurements for a tux by May 2nd - we're ordering them on May 3. Mom - Mark wonders how the heck you remembered all the info about that picture of you in the babooshka (Mike you say the spell check works?). He thought it was very interesting. Tom, this is your answer to Facebook - but we don't need to have anyone blog on here that they're about to go fold socks or take out the trash! Goodnight All! Love, Mary (Sithren)


Arizona Jones said...

Sithren...I Like it!!!!