Monday, April 20, 2009

Hi everyone, especially Michael,
I just found this picture of me wearing a "babushka"
which I tried to explain to Michael. A babushka is a Russian name for Grandmother, and also a scarf folded into a triangle and worn over the head. Dad said in his days it was called a "bandana". This picture was taken on 9 February 1948, my Senior year. The large book is my Latin book that I took home every day. We translated Cicero this year, and I didn't use a "pony". The coat is a hand down from my sister Catherine, I think I wore it every winter for about 3 years. The boots were a must in the winter, worn with our shoes inside. We lived on 18 Franklin Street, and I was standing in the field where we used to play base ball in the summer. The field was adjacent to our house.
Just a bit of history.
Love, Mom


Arizona Jones said...

Nice Job inserting the picture, Mother! Very nice....thanks for the education.

Sisthren Jones said...

Tom - when did you start using Mother and Father? I get all nervous when you say it - like there's going to be a wire clothes hanger ready to beat me when I turn around...