Sunday, September 06, 2009

Back to the Drawing Board

While I truly appreciate Eric's hard work and participation with the look of the blog, it just seems that in the end, the original look was best. I've added everything I had before and look forward to Eric and Michael adding any other fancy little buttons and gadgets that will make this blog better. You'll notice that I've added two picture gadgets at the top. I figure instead of wasting time uploading photos onto a URL site and then linking to them (like photobucket, etc.), I can just replace these on a regular basis from my cpu or Keene. I also went into every post and added a suitable category. They are listed as well for easy searching....

As you are all aware, posting is a rather difficult task for all of us. Cheryl and I have our hands full, as do all of you. I'll do my utmost to post something on a weekly basis. Perhaps if all of you can do so, we can get at least four to five posts every month.

Perhaps Billy can update us on his adventures in Idaho (strike the banjos, Bobby Joe!), or Mary and Mark can offer us tales from the Wild West (blow on that bottle, Dilbert!). Joe can tell us how life is in the deep South (Suuuuuuuueeeeeyyyyyyyyyyy, Jeb!!!). Bobby can write how the family is doing in sunny San Fran (Uhhh....groovy man, that's righteous). Finally Tom and Cheryl and  Mom and Dad can carry on about our droll lives in the big city (which is too normal for a song people).

And finally, lest we forget or if we have forgotten, Happy 21st Birthday to Eric Jones and a belated congratulations to both Eric and his lovely wife on their upcoming addition to the family (suckas, your lives are over). 


Eric and Alana said...

Looks great. I added some navigation buttons at the top (add post, Edit Post, and Dashboard)

I like it. I hope we all start using it. I will.

Arizona Jones said...

Thanks Eric. You're a good man.

Sisthren Jones said...

Aahhhh yess...we're back home! No offense Eric, I'm just much more comfortable with this style. Nice "songs" in your paragraph Tom. Your song can be, "There's those damn helicopters flying around and shining lights into our windows again!" HA!