Monday, September 07, 2009

Updates from Idaho

Vicki and Daniel came out to visit this weekend. They will be flying back to Colorado in just a few hours from now. Vicki and I had our house search narrowed down to several houses (out of several dozen) and we were bound and determined to find out future house on her visit up here. It is much cheaper to buy a house on developed property than it would be to build on our ten acres.

Well, we did it. We found the perfect house. It is only a few miles from our property here in Athol, and actually still in the Athol city limits. It is an immaculate four bedroom, 2 bath house on ten forested park-like acres. We have a huge 30X50 insulated shop, and quite a bit of our acreage is already partitioned off into fenced horse pasture. We don't know anything about horses ourselves, but might look into boarding horses for others to make some money. We will be having a house inspection tomorrow afternoon to ensure there is nothing serious going on with the house that we can't see.

We offered 215,000 for the property and they accepted the offer. Closing date is on October 19. Vicki will be having the Navy pack up our stuff in Colorado on October 28, 29 and 30th. Her final day in Colorado is just before Thanksgiving: I believe 11/24.

Daniel had a good time out here. We spent a few hours at "Triple Play" yesterday, where he and I had a laser gun battle, climbed some rock mountains, and he got to waste several dollars on video games. He got to shoot a BB gun for the first time, and Papa even broke out the .22 rifle and his .45 revolver. Daniel shot both of those, and the revolver scared the living crap out of him. Hopefully he won't be so enamored of handguns anymore.

So now its back to work for Billy. Supposedly Sears is completely revamping the way they will be routing us, and I won't be working quite so many 12-13 hour days. Supposedly I will be working mostly 8-10 hour days. That will indeed be a very welcome change.

Bobby and Nikki, you should look at this link It is a 300 mile bike ride through Washington, Canada and Idaho. You can start anywhere you like on the loop, and ride as far as you like each day. It would be an awesome way for you to experience the Northwest. It's in October each year, and we have an RV (hint hint) so you wouldn't have to stay in hotels each night and you'd have ready access to rest and bathrooms and a family to follow you around. It looks quite awesome and seems like it would be right up your alley.

For everbody else, it's gorgeous up here. Tom and Cheryl, there is a huge amusement park up here called Silverwood, and lots of riding trails, lakes, hiking and such. There are at least three or four lakes just within half a mile of us here. You would all love it up here and it's a good getaway during the summer months of Phoenix.

Well, that's the latest news from the chilly North. Lots of love to all.
Billy and Vicki


Arizona Jones said...

Well now! Congratulations on the new house.Just what is the acreage on the new property?
Methinks you better buy a horse yourselves and try raising that one before you start raising others...
Josh will really love the chance to camp in the forest, fish in lakes, and of course, ride horses (if you have them). Have you thought about chickens, or other fowl that you could profit from?
Take care Butt. Good to hear from you. Say hi to Vicki and Daniel

Arizona Jones said...

Uhhhh.forget my original question....10 acres.

Eric and Alana said...

Wow. Congrats Dad. Sounds great!

Sisthren Jones said...

Congratulations Billy, Vicki and Daniel! I look forward to seeing some pics of the new place. November will be here before you know it. You didn't mention anything for the rest of us to do up there...ha! ha! And Tom - if they let other people board horses there, Billy and Vicki don't have to mess with them at all. It's like RV storage and the people come take care of them themselves. Love ya'll! Mary

Billy said...

Tom, yes we're thinking of doing chickens and pigs, and maybe a cow or two. I can't imagine Daniel and Vicki slaughtering our animals to fill the freezer, but they say they want to try it though. Chickens would be good though, we'd never have to buy another egg. And yes, Mary is right, if we boarded horses we would probably feed them twice a day, make sure they had water, and the owners would do the rest, including the supply of food.