Sunday, July 19, 2009

Kumo 9/30/92 - 7/19/09

Our beloved Kumo passed away today. His poor heart couldn’t take it anymore and he died peacefully in Nikki’s arms on the way to the vet. He was 16 years 9 months old. Nikki is devastated and Gabriella and Annabella took it pretty hard. The boys were a real joy in our lives. They left a void which, in time will be filled with happy memories of our loving, loyal, cuddly fluff balls. Rest in Peace Kumo.


Arizona Jones said...

We're sorry to hear the news Bobby. Give the family our love.

Sisthren Jones said...

So sorry for you all. You were blessed to have him in your lives for so long. Love you!

Anonymous said...

Very sorry, Nikki. He gave you love and solace for many years. He was a very nice little dog. Love, Dad Jones. (XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX)