Friday, January 29, 2010

Hello from Mississippi

Hey all, I have a very weak signal where my trailer is, so I don't get to use my phone as often as I would like. But things are going well. I am being used like a mule at work. It is as if I never left. There are a few changes and procedures I will need to get more familiar with, but other than that. The weather today is terrible. Lots of rain, and the temp is dropping. It is part of that storm that hit TX, and OK. Corol says that it is icy up where she is in Hot Springs. I went to Wal-mart this morning, pulled into a gas station, and there was 5 ENTERGY linemans trucks fueling up. They were headed for Arkansas and Texas to help out. The trailer is doing fine...except, I think my power convertor went out. I came home one night and my lights were very dim. All the lights, pumps, and motors run off the batteries. The batteries are supposed to be charged by the power convertor, which in turn converts AC into DC. I borrowed Harrys' charger, so they are still being charged. Now my next project is to locate this convertor and take it into work so the electricians can rebuild it for me :)). I think about all of you often. I was in Hot Springs helping Corol move into her new house, and we managed to watch the AZ game and the Colts game. I was shocked that there were a few AZ fans amongst all of the Saints fans! But, we had a good time. We went to Buffalo Wild Wings. Well, about all for now. Will talk to ya later! Love, Joe


Arizona Jones said...

Good luck Joe my bro. Josh is looking forward to seeing you again.