Monday, January 04, 2010

... and a Happy New Year!

Here's a few pics from the New Year's Eve bash. Tom, if you or Cheryl's Ma have more, may as well edit this post and add 'em.

I wanted to go as one of the signers of the Constitution, but most of the costumes from the period were a little "flamboyant". I ended up getting a soldiers outfit. Julie's Ma was a flapper.

Julie went as a disco chick, but as her sister pointed out, she looked more like Sharon Stone in Casino.

Some came dressed from the 2000 decade.

The Sipes were representin' too...

I sure wish I had a photo of Tom going ballistic when I told him is answer to the decade trivia was wrong. If anyone has that (or his angry march to the office computer to prove he was right) it would be great to post... By the way Tom, you were right... The Bill or Right's was "adopted" in... uhh... whatever decade you said.


Arizona Jones said...

Virginia was the deciding vote in the adoption of the Bill of Rights; the year was 1791.

I'm sure your original question was meant for the decade in which the Constitution was adopted, which was in the year 1789.

I'm still disappointed with your Wifey the History Teacher. I know what I'm getting her for her birthday. :))))))