Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Here is John David Jones 08/04/1969 to 04/20/1972

Mother has brought my memory back into focus and I will correct some of my statements. We do have other pictures of John but these were taken from a little book called the "Brag Book" that Mom had made to brag about John. It begins on his Christening day at six weeks old.
John was the number 7 child. Let us begin.
The first two pictures were taken at 6 weeks. Aunt Catherine had come out to help Clare with the baby. While she was here we visited the Olympic Peninsula of Washington, Hurricane Ridge, the Rain Forest, the Pacific Ocean and other fine places. She came back to help Mom with Michael a couple of months after John's death . That is when she joined us in our cross-country drive to Pennsylvania a few weeks later. She did a lot of driving and we visited Custer's Battlefield, Yellowstone Park and Buffalo Bill Cody's birthplace along with other great spots.
The next 3 pictures show John at two months with Mother, Clare.
The next three pictures show John at 5 months with his next two older siblings, Billy and Tom. Billy is one month short of 4 years old. Tom is 2 years and 4 months old. It appears they all got along well together.
The next two pictures show John at 8 months.
The next picture was taken on John's first Birthday. You will note the blackboard behind the table announces his birthday.
Here is John at 14 months old in our old rocker.
The next picture is on John's 2nd birthday in 1971. Note the stove behind him. It was the old burner type. We hadn't gotten the Corning Ware stove yet. John now has a younger sibling, Mary, born on January 7 of that year.
The next 4 pictures are in December, 1971 when John was 2 years and 4 months. The pictures of the family group were taken by one of the Romances. Ages of the people were Mom, 40, Dad, 39, Richard, 12, Susan, 11, Joe, 8, Bobby, 7, Billy, 5, Tom, 4, John, 2, and Mary 11 months.
The last picture is of John giving Mary a taste of his sucker. It was taken just a few weeks before John

got sick and died after heroic efforts were made to save him. There was no evidence to the naked eye that anything was wrong with him. There is no doubt John went directly to God and is a saint. We must remember to keep that in mind when we are praying for something.