Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Corrections to John Posting

Well I just lost my Post for some reason so will have to start all over again. I want to make corrections to Dad's notes about John. We did take a lot of pictures of everyone, these are special ones of John that I put in his little "brag" book. The first one is his Christening. Aunt Catherine came to Nespelem when John was 6 wks. old. We took her touring, and one place I remember best was at the ocean. We have movies of us writing in the sand, and grabbing John in his stroller, (or was it Tom?) as the tide started to come in. In 1972 when Michael was about 6-7 weeks old Aunt Catherine came out again and we traveled to Carbondale in our new green station wagon. There were 8 kids and 3 adults. We stopped at Custer's battlefield and Yellowstone and all the tour places. In Carbondale we celebrated Grandma's and Grandpa's 50th. Anniversary, and Michael's Christening on the same day. So that's the story/stories. Now you have proof of the age of the rocking chairs. For some reason this blog wouldn't let my comment go through under "comment" so I had to write a new post. Does anyone know why this is happening? Love, Mom