Friday, April 17, 2009

okay, here we go.  Tom. I like your blog.  It appears to be fairly easy to post to it.  I wonder if this will get much use.  I am reminded of other things we had tried but lasted for only a few weeks, ie a couple of message boards, Skype computer phone, the Keene Photo board, etc.  I hope it does.  I don't know if Eric has placed his blog on his computer again or not.  So here is wishing you success in the venture and some good communication among the family.  Dad Jones


Arizona Jones said...

Good to read you Dad. I haven't sent this to Eric yet (or Nicole for that matter). I'm not sure if I have their new emails. If you'd like, you can send me their emails. Otherwise,I'll see them tonight.
I plan on posting. I've got a few projects up my sleeve. This weekend, however, I'm being a nachelor father. Cheryl up and left to Vegas until Sunday.