Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Never thought I would do this....

I've been an avid reader of blogs for several years now (mainly political blogs). I once toyed with the idea of setting up a political blog, but stepped back and realized that I'm not that kind of person. What kind of person, you might ask, would blog politics and national news? Well, I can attest, after much experience that this person typically has mental issues. Call it what you will: Egotistical A-Hole; Napoleon Complex; Obnoxious; or Crude and Rude. I've no problem reading the blogs if they offer good material, but to become one of "them" is out of the question. Nor will I ever sign up on Facebook, MySpace, or any other freako website. I shudder thinking about it. So why am I doing this? I'm fortunate to live in the same city with the bulk of my family. Mom and Dad are only a few miles away; although Bobby and the family are moving, they'll no doubt return to take their place on the very edge of civilization. Michael, Mary and Joe decided to hitch up the wagon and homestead in the country (cue the banjos, please). Be that as it may, we still live in the same valley and are at most only 2 days travel by stagecoach and mule. Despite the close proximity to one another, however, it is still difficult in this day and age to communicate with one another. Life is hectic in this day and age; we all have things to do and places to go. Calls are occasional, visits even less frequent. Even more difficult is trying to communicate with nephews and nieces who are now living...well, out there with my Green Acre siblings. It occurred to me not too long ago that this would be a decent way to talk with each other. All my Sib's could post to this blog, and update their busy lives, or reminisce about good times. Dad could post a short blurb about the mechanical gifts of the son of his favorite son. He could renew discussions with young Eric over Church Doctrine. Mother and Father could post stories of their childhood, or updates to Family History. Pictures can also be uploaded (after being stored on Keene of course). I think it's safe to say that this avenue of communication differs significantly from those of political blogs. I'm not doing this because I'm a sicko and a crackpot; it's because I want to be close to family when we haven't the time otherwise. It's taken awhile to find the right template, and of course, I'm learning the ropes regarding everything else. Maybe one of my brethren, or sisthren know how to do this sh**. Thank you and have a great evening.